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Spring Cleaning For Your Website

Google places a high importance on good backlinks. Google regularly promotes sites which have good backlinks. At the same time, Google dislikes bad back links. It regularly demotes sites which have a large number of bad backlinks.
Page RankIf there are websites which link to you that tells Google that  you must be important. If these sites are authoritative sites, Google infers that your site must have great content.

LinksBut, if your site has lots of bad links pointing to it, then Google infers from it that your website content may not be good. Determining your ranking on the basis of commercial uptake of your work is Google’s way of giving quality content to its users.

Bad Links

For this reason not only must you come up with great content for your site but it is your responsibility to see to it that your content is being used in the right way online.  In other words, you need to get rid of bad back links regularly.

The first question is how to identify bad links. Bad links usually have the following characteristics:

1. They come from low quality sites
2. They have badly written content
3. The site is not relevant to your market
4. Title is irrelevant to your market topical focus

Bad Link

One you have identified bad links, you have the following options:

1. Get rid of them
2. Ignore them if they connect to low quality pages on your website
3. Build good links to offset the effect of bad links on your website
4. In extreme cases, you can move your site


Guest Blogging As A Marketing Strategy

What is Guest Blogging?
Guest blogging emerged as a popular marketing strategy in 2012, with several big businesses adopting it. We predict it will be even bigger in 2013.
The idea behind guest blogging is that you write articles on other people’s blogs. Your articles get a wider audience and some of the audience of your host site comes to your website looking for more content. Your site gets more visibility and you get more customers.  

How To Guest Blog Effectively:

1. Find the right fit

This is probably the most important tip. Do not write in any random blog. The blog you want to write in must carry credibility and authority. Also do not pitch your article to any general blog. Niche blogs may be better suited to your area of focus and may have more of an audience for your topic.

2. Write Good Quality Content

Write good quality content. This is a way of respecting your audience—who are taking the time to read your post and your host--- who gave you an opportunity to write. It is also a great way to build credibility. If you are unsure of your writing skills, it would be a great idea to hire a professional writer.

3. Put Your Back Links

After all that was one of the purposes of guest blogging, wasn’t it? But don’t put too many back links. They are bad for you as well as the host site. Your back links should look natural and be relevant. A related point is that these back links should link to great content on your site. It might be a good idea to link them to landing pages which got the most viewers.

4. Be Consistent

 To get the most out of guest blogging, you must write guest blogs consistently on a variety of related topics. This will build your online reputation as an authority in your field and you will be invited to write guest articles regularly.  Your articles will be read more widely and your website will get more viewers.

If you use these strategies, you will get optimum results from guest blogging. Your website will get more viewers. Ultimately, your business will grow.

Conversion Rate Optimisation – How it helps us gain Quality Leads

Visitors should always be tempted to visit your website more than once. Your website should have look and feel, best design and quality content. To make this happen you need to plan a website, make quality content that should be human readable and more over look & feel of the website matters the most.

Visitors read, but to a certain extent. You need to have some interactive images that keeps your website dynamic. And the most important part is that you should have an inquiry form or a phone number to contact you back. If your website is user friendly visitor won’t think twice to contact you. So you must have an inquiry form, phone number or email id to get back to you.

The most important part is client logos, client testimonials preferably Video Testimonials which attracts visitors. You should even have portfolios which is an added advantage.

A website should be able target the audience with reference to products & services. Awards and recognition should be always mentioned on the website. Moreover you should have punch line for each and every page because these could boost your website visit. Landing pages are one of the important factors in terms of SEO as well as Marketing. The chances of the converting leads into potential customers through landing page is very though. For that you should  optimize your landing page as well as your website to reach the ultimate goal that you have set.

Google Penalty Removal Won’t Necessarily Improve Rankings

Many new webmasters have used Disavow Tool but never achieved the result they wanted. You have to make sure that you need the best site with good page rank and more over that particular site should have a good reach among the audience.

You have to keep in mind that your original rankings were based off of Google counting those links – now they won’t because 
(1) Google caught them and/or
(2) you removed them or disavowed them.

Google has replied to one of its webmaster regarding this issue
In process of removing spam back links, you will lose some sort of weight age of links and trust factor in search engines. You need to improve your authority and build few related high quality back links. to make your website perform better.

Every time you build a backlink you need to check whether the site has good authority or not. Just building links is not enough buid relationship which will be helpful for longer run.