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Spring Cleaning For Your Website

Google places a high importance on good backlinks. Google regularly promotes sites which have good backlinks. At the same time, Google dislikes bad back links. It regularly demotes sites which have a large number of bad backlinks.
Page RankIf there are websites which link to you that tells Google that  you must be important. If these sites are authoritative sites, Google infers that your site must have great content.

LinksBut, if your site has lots of bad links pointing to it, then Google infers from it that your website content may not be good. Determining your ranking on the basis of commercial uptake of your work is Google’s way of giving quality content to its users.

Bad Links

For this reason not only must you come up with great content for your site but it is your responsibility to see to it that your content is being used in the right way online.  In other words, you need to get rid of bad back links regularly.

The first question is how to identify bad links. Bad links usually have the following characteristics:

1. They come from low quality sites
2. They have badly written content
3. The site is not relevant to your market
4. Title is irrelevant to your market topical focus

Bad Link

One you have identified bad links, you have the following options:

1. Get rid of them
2. Ignore them if they connect to low quality pages on your website
3. Build good links to offset the effect of bad links on your website
4. In extreme cases, you can move your site