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Conversion Rate Optimisation – How it helps us gain Quality Leads

Visitors should always be tempted to visit your website more than once. Your website should have look and feel, best design and quality content. To make this happen you need to plan a website, make quality content that should be human readable and more over look & feel of the website matters the most.

Visitors read, but to a certain extent. You need to have some interactive images that keeps your website dynamic. And the most important part is that you should have an inquiry form or a phone number to contact you back. If your website is user friendly visitor won’t think twice to contact you. So you must have an inquiry form, phone number or email id to get back to you.

The most important part is client logos, client testimonials preferably Video Testimonials which attracts visitors. You should even have portfolios which is an added advantage.

A website should be able target the audience with reference to products & services. Awards and recognition should be always mentioned on the website. Moreover you should have punch line for each and every page because these could boost your website visit. Landing pages are one of the important factors in terms of SEO as well as Marketing. The chances of the converting leads into potential customers through landing page is very though. For that you should  optimize your landing page as well as your website to reach the ultimate goal that you have set.