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Joomla New Release 3.0.2 with new updates

After the release of joomla 2.5 the release of joomla 3.0 has been announced.  There are many features in this new release for which it been considered as a major release.  Important features raises cms platform to reach to next higher level which makes it significant.

To download the latest stable version click here and your process will be done in no time.

As you may have being using the older version but in coming time the older version of 1.5 will not be of any use. While using this new version of joomla 3.0 remember getting it updated every six months till the release of 3.5 which would a compatible and ease process. Former upgrading the version consult the development team for the features incorporated in it as its very important. You can also upgrade the version from 2.5 to 3.0 until and unless you are aware of the consequences and its benefit.Production of newer sites are to be done on this new release. Existing sites on 2.5 need not necessarily get upgradation.

You can be assured of the security of the joomla due to their eminent security teams which keep a track of all the errors with its frequent reports and security check thus making it secure. Fixing the tracker issues from older version has also been done including its incorporation of new feature. To make joomla more developed only requirement to be known are the reports of bug which can be checked and corrected on regular bases.

Joomla 3.0.2 is a security release to know more about the release click here

Learn more about Joomla! development at the Developer Site

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Use of HTML 5 in building websites

We are a website development company in London, U.K. and we understand the advantages of using HTML 5 in developing customised websites.

What is HTML5?

HTML 5 promises to change the way we design websites in future significantly. So far website developers had been using HTML 4 to develop websites. While HTML 4 was useful, it fell short in some ways. Developers were looking for ways to overcome the limitations posed by HTML4 and also for better ways to develop better websites.  HTML 5  promises to be a great new technique for website  developers.

Top four advantages of using HTML 5 in developing websites:

1. Visual appeal:
HTML has new semantic elements “Header”, “Footer”, “Article”, “Section” and a variety of new tags. This gives your website a better visual appeal.

2. Video and audio features:
HTML5  has new audio and video features. These new video and audio features mean that multimedia and graphic elements on the web can be handled better without the use of Flash and other plugins.

3. Better search engine optimization:
The videos using HTML5 play faster. This makes for better search engine optimization.  Flash slows down your website, which reduces the chances of Google displaying your site in its top results.

4. Use on iPhones:
i-Phone is not compatible with Flash. HTML5 promises to be a great alternative for building a mobile friendly website, which is important for mobile marketing of your business.

HTML5 is the one of the widely used programming languages at Website Developers UK.  We have experienced PHP programmers proficient in HTML5 who can build customised website for you.

Engage yourself with WordPress

WordPress is an open source web based program having handful of qualities starting from blog publishing, content management, search engine position and much more. The content management system of WordPress is based on PHP and MySQL. WordPress is much simpler and diverse than any other Content Management System (CMS) which has significant characteristic features. WordPress is one of the best framework available in the market.

Advantages of having WordPress

Being simpler WordPress is being widely used for creating sites. The best provision is that the page is being available as a blank slate making it easier to create any sort of webpage.

Themes: As such there is an inbuilt feature of themes in WordPress which helps in changing the outlook of the site making it more appealing. Also themes can be changed through uploading plugins which also is an ease process.

SEO Friendly:
Having several features one being SEO friendly. It has as inherent component of SEO which automatically ranks the site.

Free & Ease to use:
Free word always sounds pleasing to our ears. Being an open source blog supporter it’s totally free of cost. WordPress is far easier to use. User can give variant qualities to site in relation to content, its themes, pages, blog, post and even more.

Key feature of WordPress being plugins. Plugins reduces ample amount of work in connection with uploading of images, videos, maps or any other feature.

Development & Design:
The development and designing of the site is performed manually without any concern since the availability of plugins & its inbuilt features making it easy as pie.

Disadvantages of WordPress

Advantages & disadvantages are two sides of the same coin which go hand in hand. Although having ample features it has its disadvantages. It is not suitable for large number of pages and high end database usage. As we upload more post or blogs the performance reduces thus creating a drawback. As a result large websites are not preferred on WordPress.

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