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WordPress is an open source web based program having handful of qualities starting from blog publishing, content management, search engine position and much more. The content management system of WordPress is based on PHP and MySQL. WordPress is much simpler and diverse than any other Content Management System (CMS) which has significant characteristic features. WordPress is one of the best framework available in the market.

Advantages of having WordPress

Being simpler WordPress is being widely used for creating sites. The best provision is that the page is being available as a blank slate making it easier to create any sort of webpage.

Themes: As such there is an inbuilt feature of themes in WordPress which helps in changing the outlook of the site making it more appealing. Also themes can be changed through uploading plugins which also is an ease process.

SEO Friendly:
Having several features one being SEO friendly. It has as inherent component of SEO which automatically ranks the site.

Free & Ease to use:
Free word always sounds pleasing to our ears. Being an open source blog supporter it’s totally free of cost. WordPress is far easier to use. User can give variant qualities to site in relation to content, its themes, pages, blog, post and even more.

Key feature of WordPress being plugins. Plugins reduces ample amount of work in connection with uploading of images, videos, maps or any other feature.

Development & Design:
The development and designing of the site is performed manually without any concern since the availability of plugins & its inbuilt features making it easy as pie.

Disadvantages of WordPress

Advantages & disadvantages are two sides of the same coin which go hand in hand. Although having ample features it has its disadvantages. It is not suitable for large number of pages and high end database usage. As we upload more post or blogs the performance reduces thus creating a drawback. As a result large websites are not preferred on WordPress.

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