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Use of HTML 5 in building websites

We are a website development company in London, U.K. and we understand the advantages of using HTML 5 in developing customised websites.

What is HTML5?

HTML 5 promises to change the way we design websites in future significantly. So far website developers had been using HTML 4 to develop websites. While HTML 4 was useful, it fell short in some ways. Developers were looking for ways to overcome the limitations posed by HTML4 and also for better ways to develop better websites.  HTML 5  promises to be a great new technique for website  developers.

Top four advantages of using HTML 5 in developing websites:

1. Visual appeal:
HTML has new semantic elements “Header”, “Footer”, “Article”, “Section” and a variety of new tags. This gives your website a better visual appeal.

2. Video and audio features:
HTML5  has new audio and video features. These new video and audio features mean that multimedia and graphic elements on the web can be handled better without the use of Flash and other plugins.

3. Better search engine optimization:
The videos using HTML5 play faster. This makes for better search engine optimization.  Flash slows down your website, which reduces the chances of Google displaying your site in its top results.

4. Use on iPhones:
i-Phone is not compatible with Flash. HTML5 promises to be a great alternative for building a mobile friendly website, which is important for mobile marketing of your business.

HTML5 is the one of the widely used programming languages at Website Developers UK.  We have experienced PHP programmers proficient in HTML5 who can build customised website for you.