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Dedicated Resources

Our skilled professionals will work diligently on your software and make sure it is well maintained.

Our dedicated resource will provide solutions to your ongoing business needs.

Our proficient professionals will make sure your software runs efficiently and effectively.

Dedicated Resources
Exclusive focus on your work

Our skilled professional will work exclusively for you.

Flexibility in hiring
You hire a professional from our pool of skilled professionals for the time period you want.

We will provide a skilled professional to you in your budget.

Increase efficiency

Our skilled professional will help you run your business efficiently.

or talk to our sales team on 02036514195 to kick start your project immediately.  

We provide skilled professionals who will maintain and upgrade your software for you. We have skilled designers who use HTML and CSS technology to design websites. We also have PHP and .NET programmers, iPhone and Android Developers with Online Marketing Analyst for your business needs.


Our skilled professional will work exclusively on your project and stay in touch with you through multiple communication channels. You have complete control on the progress of your project. With our professional working for you, you will not need an in-house software maintenance team. Working with the resource we provide will be as good as working with an in-house member of your team.


Our dedicated resource will work for 160-180 hours a month at rates starting from £900 per month.