How to get more quality Twitter Followers

How to get quality Twitter Followers? Whether you are a blogger, marketer, businessman you can’t ignore the importance of twitter in promoting your blog, product, or business. Your brand can’t get famous if you don’t do Twitter promotion carefully. One of the most important things to do, to get the most out of Twitter, is to get quality Twitter Followers.

Quality followers are your most important asset on Twitter. These followers are actually the ones who listen to you, buy your products, and reply and retweet your tweets. These followers are hard to get but they are worth your hard work. Here are some useful tips that will help you to get quality twitter followers.

1. Follow Big Guns:
Find the people or brands which are the most influential in your niche. This will help you to analyze which techniques they are using to get quality followers. Moreover, you can interact with their followers to tell them about your blog or product.

2. Use Real-time Twitter Search:
Real-time twitter search is a great way to find followers of your choice. You can use it to find people and hot discussions related to your niche or product. E.g. if you want to find people interested in Android Apps, search “Android Apps” and you can easily find the people interested in it. Get involved in the discussion going around to get more quality followers.

3. Use #Hashtags as keywords:
Hashtags are like keyword tags that help label your tweets. Keyword tags allow people to more easily find related content of interest. Adding hashtags to your tweets will give more exposure to your tweets and people will find you easily and the possibility are more for re-tweet.

4. Engage:
Engage with your followers using @replies. If they ask any question or say something to their followers, reply to them. This engagement will make good impact on those who will visit your profile and they will not hesitate to follow you.

5. Re-tweet:
Re-tweeting other twitter users tweets related to your niche shows your support to them. In return, they might re-tweet your tweets which will make a way for you to get more quality followers.

6. Customize Background Design:
If you have an attractive, well designed and informational customized background design on twitter, people will easily know who you are. You can better brand your product or blog using catchy images, logos and text in the custom background. It will give your profile a professional touch and people who will be interested in your services will follow you. Your browser may not support display of this image.

7. Quality Tweets:

To get more quality followers, quality tweets is the key. Your tweets should be beneficial for your community. It doesn’t mean that you only tweet about your product or blog articles but also about yourself. E.g. if you are tweeting 10 times about your product then 1 tweet should be related to you.

8. Promote Twitter Profile:
This is one of the most important and simple way to get quality twitter followers. Promote your twitter profile on your blog or website using your profile link or twitter button. If people will like your product or service they might follow you on twitter to get latest updates from you.

Google Update Impacted Many Top Ranking Websites

Many top ranking websites are now nowhere in the top 100 Google SERP's. A major Google update made a major impact on many online businesses by which websites where thrown out of top SERP’s overnight. A select few survived the update unscathed. Partly it was because they got lucky. But that is not the whole story: it was also because they had original titles, original content, smart  interlinking plans, cleverly designed footer links which Google values highly. It seems that Google update checked for these elements and threw those sites out which did not have these elements.

Following are the top 3 lessons that we can learn from this episode:

1.Original Title Tag:

It is common knowledge that the title tag is one of the most important parts of a website homepage and internal pages. Be creative and think of genuine and eye-catching title tags that will attract visitors to your site.  In the Google update, websites with copied title tags got the kick.

2.Original Content:

Original content is a key to achieving top ranking. Before you write on your website, research your content thoroughly and try to add something new and interesting to the existing content. More than any other SEO tactic that you might employ, it is original, interesting and informative content which will help you get and retain high ranking. Websites which got the boot in the Google update usually had low-quality content.

3.Inter Linking:

Interlinking is a double-edged sword. If done well, it is an effective way to get high SERP’s, but, if done badly, it can harm your websiteGet natural links on your website. Those links are natural which your viewers will find valuable. Stay away from artificial and manipulative linking strategies. Never link to too many sites and to those sites which are not in any way connected to your site. Also do not load too many links on the footer. They are deceitful strategies and Google will not value those links and may even penalise you for them.

We are a SEO company based in London and we use effective white hat SEO techniques to make sure your website does not suffer through the various Google updates.

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Google Webmaster Tools Security Issue fixed

Recently there was a major security lapse in Google Webmaster accounts of some site owners wherein they noticed that unauthorised changes had been made to their websites. Apparently  due to the security lapse, former employees of companies  got access to Webmaster Tools account and sensitive information of their company websites. Google fixed the security lapse after 12 hours. It is still not clear the extent of damage this security lapse created but the lapse raises general questions about how safe Google Webmster Tools accounts are. Google said that it is looking for ways to beef up security so that such a lapse never occurs again. In Google's words,  

"For several hours yesterday a small set of Webmaster Tools accounts were incorrectly re-verified for people who previously had access. We’ve reverted these accounts and are investigating ways to prevent this issue from recurring."

Here is a screen shot from David Naylor showing the unauthorized access:

Was your site damaged due to Google's security lapse? 

Forum discussion at Google Webmaster Help

Short Content are also good and useful in ranking

Writing short content is good but you have to make sure that the content has got quality and not just a promotion. Good quality content are always useful and of course visitors will share your content.


Google says ranking is dependent on a ton of factors, and while more words on a page may help Google understand the relevance of the page to the query – it doesn’t necessarily mean the page will rank.


Google Webmaster Help thread has John Mueller, a Google representative, talking just about that.
Rest assured, Googlebot doesn’t just count words on a page or in an article, even short articles can be very useful & compelling to users. For example, we also crawl and index tweets, which are at most 140 characters long. That said, if you have users who love your site and engage with it regularly, allowing them to share comments on your articles is also a great way to bring additional information onto the page. Sometimes a short article can trigger a longer discussion — and sometimes users are looking for discussions like that in search. That said, one recommendation that I’d like to add is to make sure that your content is really unique (not just rewritten, auto generated, etc) and of high-quality.


So writing content will definitely help you in gaining good ranking and will help you in future too. So start writing quality content.