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Top 5 Video SEO Tips For Higher Visibility

It is a great business plan to make some business videos and market them online. Websites which have videos consistently rank higher in Google than websites which have text-only content. Also people are more inclined to view a video online rather than read chunks of text. Further, they are also more likely to share video content with others than text. All in all, creating a video is a winning business strategy.

Following are some tips to get more viewers by developing and marketing your video online:

1. Include keywords in your video:

Use keywords in the video wherever you can in the video title, description, tags and the file name. You can even add a transcript of the video with the keywords. Google cannot see the video but it can see the keywords that you used and it will accordingly rank you highly.

2. Keep it short:
Just as in case of text content, it is a good idea to keep your video short.  Your video should not be more than 5 minutes long. Also, make the organization of your video clear to the viewer by dividing it into sections.  The easier it is for your viewers to follow your video, the more likely they are to understand it, like it and share it.

3. Incorporate your video into your text:

Rather than having your video as a stand-alone entity on your website, you can even incorporate it into your textual content. That way when people want to link your video, they will link your entire page rather than only the video.

4. Share your video:
Do not just rely on others to share your video. You must share it as well. Put your video on YouTube, Vimeo and other social media sites. Hopefully you will get a few back links in return.  

5. Focus on quality:

Just as a well-produced video with great content can be of great help in boosting your business, a bad quality video will create a bad impression on your visitors. Hence don’t rush the process of creating a video. Think carefully about what you want to put on your video and make sure it has high production values.

Using these strategies, you are bound to create a great video which will get you more customers.

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