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Should You Sue Over Stolen Content That Ranks Higher

There is nothing more insulting and demeaning to an SEO copywriter who sees their content being stolen by third-party sites and those third-party sites ranking higher in Google for that content.

It is not uncommon, happens often and is a major concern for many webmasters.

That being said, is it worth suing over? Is it worth taking someone to court over?

A Webmaster World thread asks just that and while some think you should sue over this matter, many say, the outcome will cost you way more in legal bills than you can recover in damages.

Lawyers are not cheap and going to court is incredibly expensive. Trying to win damages from a site that steals your content is hard, expensive and you have to hope that webmaster has the money to pay you after you win in court.

The most webmasters do in this situation is file a DMCA request with Google and the hoster and maybe send a strict legal letter to the webmaster and wait to see if it makes any difference.

Forum discussion at SE RoundtableWebmaster World.