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6 SEO Activities for 2013

Search engines continuously try to improve their search results. In this quest, they keep changing the rules of SEO. Businesses need to constantly adapt their SEO strategies to the changing SEO rules to ensure their websites get high ranking in search engines.

Let’s take a look at the top 6 SEO strategies in 2013:

1. Content is most important

High quality content will raise your Google ranking and also, more important, help you serve your users better. Google frowns upon content which appears to be written specifically from the point of view of getting higher ranking in search engine by overuse of keywords, etc. Google also frowns upon thin content—content which is uninformative. Instead it prefers rich and useful content. Good quality content also gets you more viewers. Hence you must make sure your content is always of great quality.  
2. Use  high quality links

The second strategy for SEO in 2013 is fruitful use of links. If you link your site to sites which are highly ranked by Google, then the ranking of your site will also go up. But don’t link to a site only because it is highly ranked. Link to businesses which are relevant to you. Irrelevant links may harm your site ranking.

3. Author rank
Google recently announced that author rank would figure as one of the parameters in determining the ranking of a website. What this means is that Google will separate good content from bad content by separating good content writers from bad ones. It will rank authors on the basis of certain criteria to determine their popularity and their status in their field of expertise. Based on this rank, any further work they produce will be ranked. Hence make sure your website content is written by authors who are highly ranked by Google.

4. Video marketing
Videos get highly ranked in Google consistently. Hence it is a good idea to put up some videos of your business on the web. You may put these videos up either on YouTube or on your website. As with content, make sure your videos are relevant, informative and rich in content. Putting up videos will not only get you higher ranking in Google but will also get you more viewers as most people prefer to view a video rather than navigating through a large  chunk of text.

5. Participation in social media

Social media marketing will be big in 2013. Participating in blogs, forums and being on Facebook, twitter, etc will also raise your search engine ranking. Social media are also a great way to connect with existing customers and potential customers. By posting thoughtfully and creatively in social media, you will have more people reading your posts. Ultimately, this will drive traffic to your website.

6. Mobile marketing

The final strategy for SEO in 2013 is the use of mobile marketing. As the number of people who access internet through their mobile phones increases, businesses are increasingly tapping into this huge customer base by building mobile websites. If you don’t have a mobile website already, you should definitely get one in 2013 to tap into this huge and rapidly growing market.