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Google Title Tags Measured By Width Not Character

Proper title tags are crucial for website search engine optimisation. We are a Search Engine Optimisation company in U.K. and we create best title tags for your website so that it gets maximum search engine visibility.
What is a title tag?
Your title tag tells search engine and users the content of your page. If your website occurs in search results, your title tag will appear in the first line of the results.  Google has specified the length for the title tag for it to appear completely in the results. If the title tag exceeds this length, Google will show as many whole words as it can & the rest will be replaced with an ellipsis.  This is bad for your website as prospective visitors get less than complete idea of what your website is about.

How to ensure that your title tag appears completely in the search results?
According to traditional wisdom, Google title tags must meet a character length of 70 characters to appear fully in Google results. But recent research has shown that what is important for a title tag to appear completely is not the number of characters in it but the width of all the characters put together. This width is 584 pixels. Further, it has been noticed that even if your title tag has fewer than 70 characters, it may still get cut off if its width is over 584 pixels. Write your title tags carefully to ensure they appear completely in Google results.

We offer web search engine optimisation services in UK and we will be happy to discuss with you how you can improve your title tags for better search engine optimisation of your website.