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Surviving The Algorithm Change

Google changes its search algorithm frequently. The question then is: How do you survive Google’s capricious algorithm changes? One way to survive and even flourish through the algorithm changes is to do great content marketing. Let us look at some content marketing strategies for 2013.

The first step for great content marketing is to create good quality content.

Top 4 things you can do to create good content:

1. Find out what your customers want:
You have a good chance of people viewing your content if you write on something which will be useful to them. Find out what people need to know to be successful and write about it. What are the gaps in their knowledge? How can you fill those gaps?

2. Great editing:
Proof read your content for any kind of grammatical and stylistic errors as well as errors of word choice. Carefully written text carries more credibility and authority than a slapdash piece of work.

3. Present your content in different ways:
I touched on this point in a previous article. It is a good idea to experiment with different ways of presenting your content to make it more exciting, interesting and easily comprehensible.  Make use of videos, graphics and diagrams wherever they will be helpful to your readers.

Be consistent:

The quality of your content should be consistent. Set a particular benchmark and never go below it. Consistency also means that you add fresh content regularly. There should be a steady stream of content as opposed to short burst campaigns.  

After creating content, you need to market it well.
Top 4 strategies to market your content:

1. Judicious use of keywords:

Neither should you overuse keywords nor should you ignore keywords completely. You should work key words in your text in a way that they do not disrupt the fluency of your text.

2. Share your content on social media:

Share your content on social media sites like facebook, twitter and google+.   Distribute it through email newsletters and share it on your blog. The diverse the channels on which you share your content, the more chances you have of attracting viewers who are genuinely interested in your content.

3. Mobile Marketing:

Mobile marketing will be big in 2013. Share your content with your customers on mobile as well. But keep your mobile messages simple, short and effective.

4. Don’t be overtly promotional:

Most of online marketing is very pushy. The result is that it drives people away. Don’t be overtly promotional. The idea is to write great content which provides value to your customers with short promotional messages and then let them come to you.


Using these strategies, you are bound to create great content which reaches your target customers and gets you a more loyal and stable customer base.

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