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School Management ERP Software

We have school management software that helps you manage the various knowledge processes at your school better.

Our school Management ERP Software is easy to use & saves you time

It is difficult and tedious to manage all the various knowledge processes at a school. We have come up with a  school management software called Nesoi to help you manage the various knowledge processes at your school better.

School Management ERP Software
Automate processes

Nesoi automates all knowledge processes at your school. 

Easy to use
Nesoi is intuitive and can be used easily by professors, students and administrative staff at the school.

 It is easy to make changes

to the software to fulfill your increasing needs. 


Nesoi is value for money.

It doesn’t cost much and pays rich dividends.

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NesoiTM is complete school management erp software with rich features, modular design and intuitive navigation. NesoiTM is our effort to bring the most advanced technology to a school by using efficient planning and research.


It will empower you by providing accurate student performance trackers, courses trackers and an enterprise level resource planning software. It is built  on a powerful and reliable engine and uses complex algorithms and reporting systems.


Key Features:

  • Developed using latest Microsoft technology. NesoiTM gives you complete control over various departments within your school.
  • Platform independence internet technology like HTML 5.0, AJAX and Cloud Computing.
  • Regular update to modular data engine powered by AaryaTM keeps NesoiTMfast, accurate and ahead of competition.
  • Delivered directly to your PC through a secure internet protocol.  There is no other software or hardware required except your PC/Laptop and an internet browser.
  • Periodic data backup service and utilities built within NesoiTM framework maintain data integration & system restoration points.
  • With secure data encryption layer NesoiTM protects your data from any unauthorised access.
  • User defined access privilege using industry standard biometrics devices helps in managing system security & accountability.
  • Zero downtime using cloud computing.
  • Automated tracking system with updates till the last minute of all school activities.
  • Online parent interface for courses and performance tracking for their children.
  • Modular design based software with fast & easy implementation usually live within 3 days.
  • Syllabus to course mapping using NivelogicTM (Patent Pending).
  • Knowledge reports and student performance reports using AthanTM report algorithm.

Call us at  02036514195 to discuss your school management erp software requirement with us. Alternatively, you can email us at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. .

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