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How To Use Social Media Effectively In 2013

Despite the existence of social media for over a decade, some businesses still wonder if being on social media will help them in anyway. The answer to that question is that it depends on the nature of your business, your business goals and your customers.  Having said this, if used effectively, social media can potentially be of great help in your business.

Here are top 5 things you should do on social media, should you decide to use it:

1. More is not always better
There is an argument for being on as many social media sites as you can. For the more contact points you have in the online world, the more ways you have of reaching out to your target customers. But beyond this very basic use, it doesn’t help much to be omnipresent in the virtual world. Choose your social media carefully. The site you choose will depend on your business, your targeted customer demographic,  content for social media, how you intend to present your content, among other factors.

2. Don’t just be there, do something
Don’t just sign up on social media sites and do nothing. Use them. Write posts on facebook, twitter etc. Interact with people beyond likes”, “follows” etc. Make real relationships with people on social media sites.

3.  Don’t go trigger-happy on social media
Some people use social media excessively. While that is harmless for individuals, for businesses who use it for professional reasons, it can be potentially disastrous. If you post too much, then your readers will suffer from information overload. Also there is a real risk that the quality of your content will suffer.

4.  Follow social media etiquette

Not following social media etiquette can portray a less than professional image. Social media etiquette rules are unspoken and it is your responsibility to find out what they are. So take time to find out social media etiquette for business.

5. New trends on social media: mobile marketing
If you have been on social media for a long time  and have used social media effectively, it is time for you to go mobile. With large number of people accessing internet through their mobile phones, mobile marketing will be the next big trend in marketing in 2013.

Whether social media makes a real impact on your business depends partly on how you use it. Used correctly, it has great potential to expand your business.